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Welcome to Central!


We are delighted to have you visit our church, whether you are visiting in-person or online!  We hope that this website will give you a good idea of what our church is like.


The following is a partial list of some of what our church does on a regular basis.  In addition to what is below, many members of our church are very active is supporting the other organizations who share our building (listed under "Our Partners" on this site).


- Worship - Sundays at 10:30 Worship is now on zoom except the first Sundays of the month when we have drive in church in our parking lot.

- Christian Education for all ages - Sundays at 9:00 (sometimes at other times during the week as well)

- Music programs - Chancel Choir, Ensemble, Bell Choir, soloists, and more


- Church and Society Committee (peace and social justice concerns)

- Reconciling Task Force (LGBTQ rights, and inclusion in the worldwide UMC)

- Green Team (environmental concerns)


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