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Our Church House: Six Floors of Activity 


Our six story House Church is a hub of activity with many rooms and spaces to support Central's diverse ministries and diverse partner organizations that share our values.  


First Floor -       Swords Into Plowshares (SIP) Peace Center and Gallery, 313-963-7575,


Second Floor -   The NOAH Project

                            (Networking, Outreach, and Advocacy for the Homeless), 


                           Fellowship Hall

                           Edwin Rowe Lounge

Third Floor -    Westside Mothers, 313-964-3980, or

                           Church Administrative Offices

                           Sunday School Classrooms

                           CDC Office



Fourth Floor -  Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, 313-964-0618


                           United Tenants Council of Councils (UTCC), 313-965-5422, ext 140

                           Clara Webb Hall

Fifth Floor -      Gymnasium

Sixth Floor -    Roof Garden

                          Music Room

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